Skills Matrix

| Author - Asel Shilikbayeva

Managing your job search mirrors that of a marketing campaign. Firstly, you need to identify what the customer (in this case, potential employer) wants before determining whether, and how you can meet their needs. A great way to organise your skills and assess your suitability is to compile a Skills Matrix.

Skills Matrix is designed to help you effectively manage the process of creating an effective CV by recording and evaluating your skills and achievements in an effective working document.

How to use the Skills Matrix:

  • Record your key achievements and skills which will help you compile a tailored CV;

  • Quickly review your skills and competencies against that of the job you wish to apply to;

  • Build commitment to developing of new skills while assessing your training needs;

  • Refer to it as a visual aid, helping you prepare for competency based interviews;

  • Develop a portfolio of skills that can be added to throughout your career.

Once your Skills Matrix is complete this can then be used as a CV builder. When composing tailored CVs for each job application, refer to your Skills Matrix, and transfer the most relevant examples onto your CV.